Thursday, August 26, 2010


Jeez who would have thought this would have been so hard to do. I mean I am a talker you would think I would be able to write stream of conscience much easier. But it seems not so much!

I want to write about more and I plan it, I even jot down notes about things and experiences I would like to write about but it does not happen as easily as I would think. It does seem that in the minutes in the morning between sleep and wake I have great ideas and come up with great, flowing and inspiring prose to write but I just don't get out of bed and do it. Like most I think oh that is good, I will remember it when I get up, it's only in a few more minutes. Then I hit snooze a few more times, and then I am running with just enough time to get ready and no time to write that awesomely beautiful blog I had in my head. Grrrr.

Yes this was one of them and yes in the wee hours of the morning sleep fog it sounded so much better. Hmm maybe if I force myself at the same time everyday to write something I will get more into the habit and the flow. I guess we will see, keep checking back to see my progress :)

Andrea: Best Conversation With A Stranger

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure and the honor of having one of the best conversations I have ever had with a stranger. (Yes I know a few weeks ago and I am finally writing about it now......)

The conversation started over greeting cards and the different types with local and beach scenes. I am not sure how it happened but soon we were talking about the state of the World today and how we both felt that if people tried to look at the glass half full more often and appreciate what we do have and who we have in our lives, it could make a difference in the World. We both seem to have the same outlook on fun, and finding the good and enjoying the day and the moment that you are in and compared notes on how we both do that.

This lovely women had a wonderful and infectious smile, a warm and open personality and a vibrancy about her that made you want to spend more time talking with her.

I then found out that her and her husband had lost their home to a fire in March during those crazy storms. They lost every single thing that they had but were both lucky enough to not have been harmed. She said to me, "you can replace your things but not people". And instead of being down and beaten by the loss of their home, memories and things to the fire, she was so excited for their new home and the new location and all that these things offered to them. It was so uplifting and refreshing and really a great way to get perspective!

At the end of our conversation she thanked me, shook my hand and said she looked forward to seeing me again (we frequent the same store so it is possible and probable). I told her it was my pleasure and I looked forward to it as well.

As I mentioned this was a few weeks ago and I still can't get that lovely women or the wonderful 15 minutes I spent chatting with her out of my mind. It was such a great reminder of how to be positive and enjoy life and enjoy the strangers you meet throughout the day.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Being Me and a We 8/19/11

This me recently moved in with my he so the we are now living together in engagement bliss. The other night however I found myself unexpectedly home with the new place to myself. It was great! I caught up on a little DVR that the does not watch, I did a little research for some projects I am working on. I read a book for a little while and thoroughly enjoyed the night by myself in our new place.

I had not had a night to myself yet in our new place and really had not been feeling the pressure to have one, but it was so refreshing and in hindsight so needed. I also have to admit, I was happy to know I still had that me in me, to reassure me that I am still able to find and enjoy that part of me that I once had more often. It is good to know I can still enjoy me and that I have not gotten so consumed in the we that I don't have the me anymore. Those few hours to myself were great and when he got home I enjoyed the we even more!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

watching the clock

We have all had it happen, we have something that we have to do, somewhere we have to be, yet don't want to be there so we watch the clock, willing it to move faster so we can do something else, be somewhere else.

Quite a few years ago I found myself in this situation on a daily basis, at the start of the morning, I could not wait for the end of the day. Then one day, I realized I was willing away precious time each day, willing away my daily life. I did not like this conclusion at all so I decided to make a change so that I could enjoy every moment and not be in a place that I would be wishing away precious moments.

Yes we all have things we don't want to be doing, and we all have times of wishing the clock to move faster, but those times are not on a regular basis for me anymore. And when I find myself in those times, I pull myself back into the moment at hand and find something good about that moment and that time to focus on, so I am not willing away time, but embracing and enjoying the moment.

So today or tomorrow when you find yourself in one of these moments, find something in that instance that is good and something to enjoy. Even just the sun shining on your face through the window, or a good song on the radio. And if you find yourself in that way more than you don't, you have the power to change that and make every moment in your life count.