Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Andrea - My Affair with Books

I am obbsessed with books, buying them, reading them, discovering new ones, having them all around me and of course reading them. On a bad day a trip to the bookstore is a sure way to perk me right up. On a good day, it makes is an even better day.
I often joke that I cannot afford my habit - my book habit. I have more unread books than I can read in 6 months, yet I keep buying more and it keeps making me happier and happier. My wishlist at is always at the max of 25 books and everytime a coupon arrives in my inbox I use it, and of course I buy more than intended so I can get the free shipping! I know, I know I can go to the library and I used to all the time. In fact my library card holds a place of honor in my wallet, it is one of the first things I see when I open my wallet, but borrowing books is just not the same as having for mine for always.

If I hear of a subject that interests me and I know nothing about it, off the the book store or internet I run. Have a new project I want to tackle, let me find a book to help me learn about it. Having a hard time with something in my life, surely there is a book about how to get through it, or what someone else experienced.

The other day I was at my house and I heard the clump of feet on the stairs and the ringing of the doorbell that made me run to the door with glee where I knew I would find my recent order of books. How happy that made me, for the rest of the day, wherever I was in the house, the books were with me, reading them, checking out the cover art, figuring out which book I was going to start first. Working in my office, the new pile of books was right next to me. Later on while watching a movie, they were piled prominently on the coffee table where I could see them and the tv screen. That night when I went to sleep, they joined the pile of books next to my bed that I am currently reading or going to pick up next. Yes I have a pile of books next to my bed, it is almost like my security blanket, as long as I know there is a selection next to me, I am comforted that at anytime I can step into whatever world I feel like at that moment.

I have a great talent of being able to read multiple books at one time. People find this strange, I find it normal, depending on what mood I am in, there is a book I can pick up to fit. In fact just writing about my books makes me want to take a little break, sit outside in the sun (another one of my favorite things) and read for a bit. Hmm now which book should I take with me?