Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tracy: Top 10 2008

Tracy's Top 10 Memories of 2008
10. Going bowling with my entire family, including 5-year old niece, Kyra and 8-year old nephew, Sean
9. Pumpkin pie martini's at B.J. Ryan's
8. Detox
7. Lobster bake on Taylor Island with canolli filling birthday cake
6. Garage-side chats
5. Vision board realities...Best Of winners!
4. Sangria and paella in Spain with Andrea
3. The birth of two of my best friends children
2. Summer days and nights in Shelter Island
1. Understanding the meaning of true love, true friendship and of being true to yourself

Happy New Year! Let's all make 2009 SUPERFINE!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Andrea: Holiday Kindness

First I am very delayed in writing this blog but hey at least I am writing it. Second I made the mistake of trying to go Christmas shoppping the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I thougth maybe since I had given it a few days it would not be so bad. WRONG. I don't need to bore you with the trials of shopping on a holiday weekend but I am just going to share with you a few observations that maybe can help us all make the holidays a little less stressed, a little safer and a lot happier.

Andrea's Observations and Thoughts:
Let's all be a bit more mindful of ourselves and the people around us this holiday season by trying some simple little things in our everyday life:

1. Hold doors for the people coming in our before or after us.
2. Slow down for a yellow light instead of speeding up and running a red light.
3. Slow down in parking lots - there are lots more people out and about this time of year - including kids.
4. Smile and wish the people around you a Happy Holiday.
5. Take time to enjoy the decorations and merriment all around you.
6. Take extra precautions when driving, remember you are not the only one on the road.
With a little bit of attention and a lot of smiles, we can all make this a holiday season of love, kindness and saftey.
Happy Holidays!

Andrea: I can see clearly now- through my new windshield

Whenever I would drive in the rain I would think to myself - "wow I need new windshield wipers already! Didn't I just put new ones on the last time it rained? I can't believe how short the life span of windshield wipers are" and then I would go out and get new windshield wipers only to have the same converstation with myself the next time it rained. Well lucky for me, in talking with a friend, I found out my windshield wipers were not the problem but it was my 10+ year old windshield. (I also found out it affected the way headlights relfected off my widnshield making it hard to see when cars were coming at me.) Wow this is great, now I know what the problem is but uh oh now I need a new windshield.

While they were not as expensive as I thougth they might be, they are not cheap but really it has to be done, it cannot be safe for me to continue driving like this. So Plan A - replace windshield. Plan B - My Dad dis ask me what I wanted for Christmas this year....hmmmm Plan C - Call the insurance company, it can't hurt to see if they cover it.

So I call up my insurance company and much to my great happiness I learn that I have FULL glass coverage AND they will replace my windshield! Not only will they cover it, they set me up right over the phone with an appointment for the glass company to come to me the NEXT day and replace my windshield. WOW, that was a very worthwhile phone call (as I am sure my Dad agrees). I could not thank the helpful stranger on the other end of the phone enough. I am not sure she has ever heard someone so excited about a new windshield.

So as planned the next day the glass company showed up, replaced my windshield and now I can see clearly again, day or night, rain or shine. Yippee a driving I will go!