Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MTFM Back Again

Wow I really think that I have used this title before and I am not going to say in this blog that I am going to be better about blogging, because clearly I have failed before so I am not going to set up you or me for disappointment.

But I will try to write a little more often. What about, who knows, maybe just what is on my mind. Oh wait, isn't that what a blog is all about.

Anyway today My Time For Me is on my mind! After a summer break where one of us got married and the other had a baby, we are back into it this fall. We have some great events in the line up for September and October and our newsletter is back out there.

It sure feels good to be back in the saddle and providing me time excuses for the ladies of Fairfield County and beyond.

Check out our events and looking forward to taking me time with you again!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Book Blog: Eight Days To Live

Eight Days To Live

Iris Johansen

Eve Duncan Series #10

As stated above this book is #10 in the Eve Duncan series however it focuses more on Jane, the adopted daughter of Eve and Joe. It also brings back Jock, MacDuff and Caleb from past books that focused on Jane. The book was good, a quick read a bit of the supernatural and a bit of the past as the book focuses on the Judas coins.

Jane did annoy me a bit as she is pretty bull headed, but I guess that is her character. I think I do enjoy the books about Jane better than I like the ones about Eve and Joe but as always I did enjoy an Iris Johansen book. Not one I would say run out and get and read, but worth the read if it comes across your path as it did mine.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wednesday Book Blog: Savor the Moment

Savor the Moment
The Bride Quartet Book 3
Nora Roberts

I took a break between the first and second book but went right from the second book into the third. I knew what I was in for, much of the same but I just could not help it. I had to read it right away.

As assumed, the book was predictable and pretty much the same story as the 2nd book, just focusing on cakes instead of flowers. This disappointed me as the title character in this book had the same situation as the title character in the 2nd book and pretty much even had the same dialogue with her friends and the man she ends up with.

There was a fun change of scenery in this book which changed it up a bit so that was nice. Of course I again I would recommend this book to read especially if you read the first 2. I mean really we have come this far so we must be enjoying them. LOL.

Wednesday Book Blog: Heat Lightning

Heat Lightning
Virgil Flowers Series Book: 2
John Sanford

I don't usually like to read books in a series out of order, but this book had been passed along to me and I picked it up without realizing it was a series. Luckily it was only book 2, and luckily I liked it so of course I went on to and ordered book 1 and 3

This book is about detective Virgil Flowers, a very interesting and smart character. I like the way he thinks and the way his character is written. He has very many facets. He is a specialist in solving murders, especially ones that have lots of possible bad guys and reasons, or I guess I should say motives. I can usually see where a book is going and I did not figure this one out for quite a while, which is a good thing.

Great character, good read I look forward to reading the first book and then the next one. Too bad I found this series when they just started and have to wait for the 4th book to come out. Would love to just plow through as many as I can. Sort of like hanging out with a cool friend.

Wednesday Book Blog: Bed of Roses

Bed of Roses
The Bride Quartet Book 2
Nora Robert

So I was of course eager to read this book, but to make sure I did not get burn out from the series, I read a book in between. Of course as expected, this book was much the same formula as the first, and I expect the 3rd and 4th to be the same. But nonetheless, I still enjoyed it.

As the name implies this book focuses on Emma, the florist of the group. I knew by the end of the first book, who she would end up with in this book and I figured out the 3rd book as well. But that really did not take anything away from this book. So being about the florist their was of course beautiful descriptions of all the flowers, and arrangements and bouquets, which of course got this bride thinking of flowers, which of course led to budget - which is definitely not of issue in this book- but I digress, this book is fun and somewhat fantasy so budgets be gone from the brain!

Although predictable and not much of surprise it was still fun and easy to read. A great beach read or comfy couch read now that in the Northeast it is no longer beach weather.

Wednesday Book Blog - Vision In White

Vision In White
The Bride Quartet
Book 1
Nora Roberts

Okay, I admit it. I fell for it. Being a Nora Roberts fan and being a bride to be, I fell head and heart first into the first of four books in the The Bride Quartet books. I resisted at first - only a little, I have to be honest - to get into books about brides and weddings but then gave in and picked up the first book. Done in 2 days. I kid you not.
The books follow 4 life long girlfriends who started an wedding planning business, yup appeals to the event planner in me. Each book follows one of the girls as they fall in love and get engaged, okay so I am in that same stage of life. It takes place in Greenwich, CT and it is by one of my favorite guilty pleasure authors. See had a quartet of my own for this book. The first book, Vision in White, follows Mac, the photographer of the book. That is all I am going to say about that, you can read the book to find out more. And true to Ms. Roberts' books, a quick, easy and entertaining read that speaks to the bride in all of us no matter where that bride is in the stages of life.

Wednesday Book Blog - Knock Out

Knock Out
Catherine Coulter

Ooh I love this series of books and I loved this one. I am always excited when a new one comes out in this series of books. I love to follow the Sherlock and Savich, married FBI agents and their cases. I also like that there is a bit of the other worldly in these books as Savich has a bit of special senses and abilities. I don't have much to say about it but I just enjoy diving into their world once in a while with these books. Racing through streets, saving the day, the little bit of romance. What more could you want in a book and a little bit of escape time.