Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tracy: Santa Knows Happiness

Happiness comes in many forms. Take today for instance. We play Secret Santa at my job every year for the three weeks leading up to Christmas. This week was the first week of gift exchange and I am always one to try to figure out who has who(m?). When we only had ten people in the office, it was much easier. I even kept a logic table spreadsheet of who could have who(m?). Now that we have over 20 people involved, it's a little bit more difficult. We now use a website called that automatically draws and assigns the names to each Secret Santa/Santee. You can even create a wish list full of hints and ideas that will be anonymously emailed to your Secret Santa/Santee. I can't believe how high tech Santa has gotten!
I had been to the bank at lunch to close an account that had fraud on it and argued with the bank teller for the third time about this account. I then came back to the office to a staff who won't be leaving early today (the day before Thanksgiving) because we've been working overtime. And, the remodeling that was supposed to be finished in the office isn't done yet. But, as I was sitting in my office, thinking about all these annoyances, someone stopped in and brought me a Grande Skim Cappuccino with a sprinkle of cinnamon and cocoa on top from Starbucks! It was a special delivery from my Secret Santa and just put a huge smile on my face :) Thanks, Secret Santa!
You see, it really doesn't take much to make me happy. Simple pleasures are all around. I do not believe that there are any small acts of kindness. Any kindness is BIG. As we head into this holiday season, remember that it doesn't take much to put a smile on someones face. Sometimes, all it really takes is a smile (and a Grande Skim Cappuccino in my case) from you!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Andrea - Finish What You Start

Recently I was asked if I start a lot of projects but don't finish them. Yup I answered, I start lots of stuff and don't finish it. I attributed it to the fact that I have an interest in learning about everything. Therefore I get a taste for something, learn the basics, get slightly into it and then move on. Because of that I have a plethora of items for whatever project I was into that now sit with dust on them. I figure someday I will find a use for the stuff so I am not really worried about that. But after I was asked the question, it was then suggested to me that maybe I try to finish the things I have started. I thought about it for a minute and said okay I can take that project on.

So now my new project is to finish what I have started, including this project or challenge as it may seem to be at times to finish what I start. In the last few weeks since I have started this endeavour, I have finished numerous knitting projects that I have had on needles, finished reading the books I had that I was half way through and got a bunch of other ends tied up. It has felt great. Each night I go to sleep with a great sense of accomplishment for the project I finished that day, it actually creates a nice peace of mind and calm settled feeling for me.

So I am thankful for the advice that was given to me and I am enjoying this new feeling of accomplishment and look forward to all the fruits of my labors and the end results of finishing what I have started.