Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Book Blog: The Big Leap

The Big Leap
Gay Hendricks

Today I have not much to write in my book blog because I am still reading this book. I am half way through chapter 3 and I just love it (Do I say that about every book?)

I am going to get back to reading the book and will write about it as soon as I finish it. But for those of you who think you have something limiting you from reaching your full happiness and/or potential - this book just might be for you.

More soon! Happy reading.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Andrea: GCT Tour

This weekend My Time For Me took a tour of Grand Central Terminal. I have always loved GCT and whenever I take the train into the city, I take a moment to look up and gaze at the beautiful ceiling up above. It takes my breath away and if not for possibly getting run over by the folks walking through I would stand there for hours and just stare up.

Aside from that and a few other minor tid-bits that I have learned over the years about GCT, I did not really know too much of the history or of the less visited parts of the terminal. The tour on Saturday, while only a little over an hour long, taught me so much that I did not know or even think about. It was great and I look forward to learning more. Of course hearing our tour guide talk about the history made me want to get a book about GCT, but I refrained, I think I will just put that book on my wish list for now.

After the tour we went to not widely known Campbell Apartment located in GCT for drinks and snacks. It was such a cool little bar. It had once been the office of John W. Campbell and it was called apartment instead of office so that during prohibition, Mr. Campbell could entertain clients and offer them alcohol in his "private residence". Awesome place to grab a drink but a bit pricey and they do have a dress code, so no sneakers if you want to visit this establishment.

After the tour I put my new found knowledge of the subways to use again and did a few errands around the city. What a great day exploring new places and learning new information and all so close to home!

Check out the MTFM website this week to see pictures of the tour.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Andrea: Wednesday Book Blog: Run For Your Life

Run For Your Life
James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

I am a big fan of anything written by James Patterson and I look forward to his books coming out because to me they signify a good, captivating quick and enjoyable read with action and twists and turns.

Run For Your Life follows detective Michael Bennett in NYC as he chases down a crazy serial killer. This book does not differ much from the format of all the Patterson books, especially the books of the Alex Cross series. There are many similarities in the characters, the family members, the plot line and the bad guys. It follows the same pattern pretty close with new details and people in a different city. Alex Cross is in DC and Michael Bennett is in NYC.

However, having said that, I still did enjoy this book. It was a quick and entertaining read. It even kept me from going to bed while reading it. I would finish a chapter and think to myself just one more chapter and then lights out, but one chapter would lead to 10 (another great thing about the Patterson books - short chapters, great for a reader like me that can't put a book down mid chapter)

For fans of Patterson, you might feel like you are reading the same story, but different people and place, but still an entertaining read. For someone new to Patterson, a good quick and enjoyable read.

Happy reading!

Andrea: I'm a big girl now!

Yesterday I had a meeting with a fellow entrepreneur in NYC about her company called Stiletto Spy School. So I got myself up earlier than my usual time, packed a bag of essentials (umbrella, book for train, lip balm, pad of paper and music) and headed for the train. Once in the city, I walked the 10 or so blocks to the meeting and found myself in an area not far from Grand Central Station but where I had not really explored before. I am looking forward to the next time I am in the city checking out 2nd Ave a bit more.

After the meeting I wanted to go to Union Square but it was too rainy any my heals were way to high to walk, so I found the subway and bravely walked down the stairs. I had no idea where to go once down there or how to get to the right platform, but hey I had done it before with friends, I was sure I could do it by myself. So I got myself a metro card, stocked it up with the $7 deal they had, swiped the card and walked into the maze of tunnels. Luckily Tracy had mentioned that I wanted the 6 train and I knew enough that i was going downtown to I found the 6 heading downtown, hopped on, checked the map at the top of the car and made my way to Union Square! I did it, I really did it. I could not wait to do it again for the way home.

While there I visited a great store called East West Living. Very cool place I recommend you give it a visit if you are in the area of 5th and 14th. But anyway I digress. When it was time to head back to Grand Central Station, I found the subway again, got on the train and headed back uptown. It was great, saved me walking time, getting wet in the rain and cab fare. So convenient and not so intimidating anymore.

I think I may have to plan an excursion on Saturday afternoon after the MTFM Grand Central Terminal Tour and Private Reception and take the subway again.

Happy traveling and remember to keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times!