Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Andrea-Happy Blog

A handful of years ago I was going through a challenging time in my life. I was on the precipice of a new life. Some of the changes I wanted, some I didn’t and some were much needed. During this time I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go on a long weekend vacation with 2 of my closest girlfriends. Although I was sad and had a lot on my mind, that trip to this day is one of my happiest memories.

During this vacation I was standing on Fisherman’s Wharf with my two girlfriends on a beautiful sunny day and I looked at my friends and said “I am so very happy at this very moment!” My friends both looked at me and started laughing, what the heck I thought, here I am having an enlightening moment and they are laughing at me. They looked at me and said, well here we are, on our way over to Alcatraz, one of the least happiest places there is and you are bellowing about how happy you are.

Later on I thought about my declaration and their comments and how I was able to stop in the moment and appreciate it for what it was and the goodness of it. I started doing that on a regular basis, finding the good in the moment I was in no matter what was going on. I found during that tough period of my life, my days were better than I thought they could be, because although I had a lot going on, I focused on all the good things happening throughout the day instead of the bad. At the end of each day as I lay falling asleep going over my day, I realized how good the day had been because I focused on and recognized the happy things. Some of them as little as the tulips blooming outside or a great cup of coffee I had to bigger things like the time spent in a great city with great friends.

To this day I employ this theory of happy all day everyday, some days are harder than others, but those are the days that end up being the best because I faced adversity, hardship and trials and came out with a huge smile. “I am so very happy at this very moment” has become a joke amongst my friends, but any time we spend together is not the same unless I say it at least once and my life, and I hope others as well, is much happier for that moment of realization on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco with my friends.

So my advice to you today is be mindful of the moment you are in and find the happy in it. You will see that even during the toughest times, there is still happiness, and during the happy times, there is gratitude. Each making everyday a good day.

Tracy-Done With Detox

It was quite a journey, with some lows and many more highs, but without all the support and enthusiasm of those around me I could never have succeeded in completing the detox. The reasons I decided to do the detox were many, from learning more about living and eating better/healthier to weight loss to determine the cause of my chronic cough to just proving to myself that I could do it. Going through the program was actually easier than I expected and what I enjoyed the most was cooking creatively using the allowable foods. I can up with some great recipes and even started sharing recipes with others who are following a similar diet (quinoa pancakes, anyone?). The benefits I’ve received from finishing have been a clearer sense of focus, a feeling of accomplishment, better skin, weight loss (12 pounds) and over a foot and a half loss in overall measurements! It certainly feels good to wear pants I have only been able to look at in my closet for the past two years. So, my best advice to anyone interested in doing the detox is to time it right for your lifestyle, gather support from family and friends, plan activities during the 28 days that don’t focus on food and drink (I went on an art gallery tour, got massages, finished books I had started months ago) and take the time to notice the changes in your mindset about food and food choices. Of course, now I’m one of those annoying people ahead of you on the line at Starbucks ordering the half caf/half decaf soy cappuccino, but, hey, that’s the way it goes!