Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Book Blog: Eight Days To Live

Eight Days To Live

Iris Johansen

Eve Duncan Series #10

As stated above this book is #10 in the Eve Duncan series however it focuses more on Jane, the adopted daughter of Eve and Joe. It also brings back Jock, MacDuff and Caleb from past books that focused on Jane. The book was good, a quick read a bit of the supernatural and a bit of the past as the book focuses on the Judas coins.

Jane did annoy me a bit as she is pretty bull headed, but I guess that is her character. I think I do enjoy the books about Jane better than I like the ones about Eve and Joe but as always I did enjoy an Iris Johansen book. Not one I would say run out and get and read, but worth the read if it comes across your path as it did mine.

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